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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

What is Captcha? All Information about Captcha Code

In view of the ever increasing online Hacking, new ways of increasing Internet Security are being tried. One of these is Captcha Code which can be solved and registered on a website. The reason behind this is Hackers and Spam which targets newly created websites and blogs.
You too must have encountered these Captcha Code Number at some time, which is very annoying.
Do you also have difficulty in captcha solve?…
if yes !
So after reading this post today, you will solve any Captcha in a blink of an eye.
So let's know…

What is Captcha

What is Captcha - What is the Meaning of Captcha

What is Captcha Code?

So for your information, let us tell you that Captcha Code Number was created because at one time hackers used Spam to create traffic on their website. Because of which a link to your website could be sent by commenting on any blog. So upset with this, this great technique was adopted.

What is the Meaning of Captcha

A device with the help of which a computer program can check whether the input person is a human or a machine. This test is done with the help of pictures or letters or any questions etc.

What is Captcha Full Form

Captcha Full Form is "Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart".
The Captcha Code was first created in 2000 and was first used by Yahoo Company.

You understand the meaning of captcha but do you know where it is used?

So let's know….

What is the Use of Captcha

To use Captcha, one must first know what is captcha code? Which you have learned well above.

Captcha is used when registered on Google Site and commenting on Blog or Website. Apart from this, there are many other works for which Captcha Code is used for security. Captcha Code is actually a program, which prepares test and grade which only a human can pass, no computer or machine.

There are also some types of Captcha Code which are described further.

8 Types Of Captcha Code

(Captcha Example)

Whenever you visit a website, you mainly encounter these 8 Captcha.

You Solve them…

… But have you ever thought about what it is, what are their names, if you do not know, then let us go ahead about them.

1. Text Captcha

In this type of Captcha, you have to do Captcha Solve by typing Alphabet.

2. Audio Captcha

You will hear an audio in Audio Captcha. You have to type that audio by typing it.

3. Images Captcha

Captcha form also occurs in image. This type of captcha shows you a captcha image from which one of the pictures is spoken to select you.

4. Math Solving Captcha

When Math Solving Captcha comes in front of you, you have to add or subtract some numbers.

5. 3d captcha

In this type of Captcha, you are shown the image in 3d.

6. Ad Injected Captcha

In this type of Captcha, you see the code through Ad. The name of the Ad you see on the screen has to be filled only. It can also have the name of a brand.

7. Jquery Slider Captcha

This is a plugin that gives Ability to add Captcha. It is also easy to use, this plugin is very useful in keeping the spammer away.

8. Tic Tac Toe Captcha

This Captcha contains some Gamification's Involve. Which is designed as Fun. This is a very easy way for Humans to interact with the website.

These were the captcha examples that you have to solve to visit a website. If you want to try once, you can try it by going to Captcha Test Page and try it by captcha solve.

What is the meaning of captcha, here you have come to know, but now the question will be coming in your mind that what is this Recaptcha.

So do not think much just to read further information…

What is ReCaptcha?

Recaptcha is a Google-run Free Service. Captcha Key Generator protects the website from Spam and its misuse. It is similar to Captcha Code, by which it is detected that someone is using a website or Internet or some other machine.

What is ReCaptcha

Let us understand the What is Recaptcha and What is the Meaning of Captcha.

Now we know how to solve these codes in which we get more involved.

How to Solve Captcha?

How to Fill Captcha Code

Captcha Code Solve is not a difficult task, just the captcha code number that will come in front of you is just entering the captcha.

But still you are having trouble in captcha solve, so do not panic, just follow the simple steps mentioned below and do captcha solve.

Let's know how to solve captcha code…
  • Carefully identify the Captcha that will be on the screen in front of you. If captcha is in Text Form, write it as it is. If the Captcha Code is in Small Letter, then put it in Small Letter itself.
  • If you encounter Audio Captcha Code, then you have to enter the same code that Audio Sound is listening to.
  • If captcha is in Image Form, then select only the image you are asked to select.

How to solve Captcha

For Captcha Code Example - If 5 photos come in front of you and you are asked which car is it, then click on the photos of the car itself.

  • In Math Solving Captcha, you have some numbers which you have to add or subtract.
  • Whatever text or number will come in 3d captcha, you should look a little carefully to see what is written in the image, according to the captcha.
  • Ad will come in front of you in Ad Injected Captcha, out of that you have to write Captcha Code, don't worry, you will easily get Ad Injected Captcha, it is inside Inverted Comma ("").

So captcha solve must have become very easy for you now.

Now you can solve any type of Captcha in a few seconds.

How to Write a Captcha Code?

How to Write Captcha

You hardly know that if you are not able to write captcha code number, then your process will not proceed and your work will stop there.

So it is important to know how to fill captcha

Although it is an easy task, but the difficulty comes when Captcha Solver does not understand us and we are unable to move forward. By miswriting the code many times, the information that is written on the site also goes away, so that you have to repeat this process again.

So whatever number, text, audio, image came in front of you, consider it carefully and write that code carefully. By the way, in the steps of captcha solve mentioned above, you must have understood how to use captcha.

So just now you will be able to write Captcha Code using this simple method.

Have you ever thought that you can also earn money through the Captcha Code which you get upset.

Yes guys! You heard absolutely right that you can earn thousands of rupees sitting at home from it.

So do not delay and quickly read the information explained.

How to Earn Money Form Captcha Code?

How to Earn Money Captcha

How to earn money from captcha

On the other hand, Captcha Key Solve seems very annoying.

But you know that through this you can also earn money, then it will be a matter of happiness for you, because it is annoying but very easy.

Friends, there are a lot of Sites on the Internet that give money to Captcha Solve, that is, you can earn money by Captcha Solve. Captcha Club is also one of them.

Your Typing Speed ​​is important in this work. The better your Typing Speed, the more Captcha Solve you can earn. Captcha Job is a very easy online work. For those who want to earn up to Rs 10,000 every month by working from home. If you do not know what is Captcha Work, then you can read this article, here you have been provided information about Captcha Job.

So just pick up your Laptop and Smartphone and start earning money.

Friends, now you will not have any kind of problem related to Captcha because here you have obtained complete information about Captcha.
After reading this post, captcha solve will be very easy for you. No matter what is Captcha Code is, now you can solve it like this.

So friends, this was Captcha's detailed information in which you knew…
  • What is captcha and where is used.
  • There are so many types of Captcha Code.
  • Also you learned how to Solve Captcha Code.

Yes, friends, how did you like this information by commenting in the Comment box and do not forget to share it with your friends on social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram.

Thank you.


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