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Sunday, December 22, 2019

What is YouTube Premium and All Benefits

What is YouTube Premium?
what is youtube premium

YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red) is one of the few premium subscription services offered by YouTube. With this, YouTube wants to improve your experience. Learn more about paid YouTube membership offers.

What are the Benefits of YouTube Premium?

1. Watch videos without ads

With the help of YouTube Premium, you can watch millions of videos without any advertisement. It does not show ads before the video starts and during play. Also, such ads include video overlays (which appear at the bottom of the video). Also, you will not see third party banner ads and search ads.
However, if the creator has added information related to branding or publicity in the video, then she will see you. Also, if the creator has added or commissioned links, promotional items for sale, and features in the video, it will be visible to you. These links can be from the shelves and facilities sold for publicity, creators' websites, things to be sold for promotions, their channel subscriptions, event tickets or similar places they are promoting.
Videos with no ads play on all devices and platforms on which you can sign in with your Google Account. These include smart TVs / gaming consoles on which videos can be played. Also, if YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids mobile apps are available in your country/region, you can watch videos with no ads on them.

2. What is YouTube Music Premium?

You also get the facility of YouTube Music Premium by subscribing to YouTube Premium. With YouTube Music Premium you can:
* You can enjoy millions of songs and videos without advertising in YouTube Music.
* You can download them to your mobile to listen to songs and watch videos without the internet.
* You can use the facility to play music in the background to keep listening to music while using other applications.
* To listen to music without loading videos, you can turn on the audio-only mode

3. YouTube Originals

You can watch all YouTube Originals series and movies from YouTube's selected famous creators as soon as they are released. You will not have to pay separately for this.

4. Downloading Videos to Watch Without Internet

Download them to watch videos and playlists on the device without the internet. If YouTube or YouTube Music is available in your country, sign in with your YouTube Premium account. By doing this you can download videos to watch videos without the internet. You can also watch the automatically downloaded videos in the YouTube Kids app.

Video download

1. Start watching a video on the YouTube mobile app.
2. Under the video player, tap  Download.
3. Select the video quality.
4. After the video is downloaded, a "Downloaded" icon  will appear below the video player.
You can watch your downloaded videos in the Library  or  Account tab.
To delete a downloaded video, tap Downloaded  and choose Delete.

Browse suggested videos for download

Suggested videos to download tell you about videos and playlists that you can download. Note that when you download a suggested playlist, all the videos in that playlist will be downloaded. These suggested playlists will update every week (when you connect to Wi-Fi), so you always have new videos to watch.

To Find Suggested Videos to Download:
1. Open the YouTube app and make sure you're signed in to your YouTube Premium membership account.
2. Tap on the  Library tab.
3. Tap 'Download' and scroll to the suggested video to download.
4. Download a video and/or playlist by tapping on the  download icon.

Change download settings

On some mobile devices, videos and playlists can only be downloaded when connected to a Wi-Fi network. To download a video from a mobile network, go to Settings   and in "Background and Downloads" just turn off the option to download when connected to Wi-Fi.

Set the Quality of the Downloaded Video

To change the default quality of the downloaded video, go to Settings   and in "Background and Download" select the quality of the downloaded video. Videos of good quality may take longer to download. Such videos can use more memory on your device.
If you have less than 5% space left on your device, then you will not be able to download more videos. To free up space on the device, delete any downloaded video or playlist.

Important Things about Downloaded Videos:

* To download videos that are viewed without the Internet, you must be signed in to a YouTube Premium account.
* While watching videos without internet, neither comments can be made nor can you like videos.
* Downloaded videos are automatically renewed. However, it is important that you connect your device to the Internet at least once in 30 days. Also, to do this you must be in your country/region (the country/region where you downloaded the video).
* Some videos may not play without the Internet when you reconnect to the Internet. This may be due to restrictions on video from creators.
* If the device's Internet is turned off while downloading videos or playlists, they automatically start downloading from where they stopped when connected to a mobile or Wi-Fi network.
* You can only download videos in countries/regions where YouTube Premium is available.

5. Walk in the Background

You can play videos on your mobile device while using other apps or even when the screen is off. Mobile apps for YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube Kids have the facility to play videos in the background. To use this feature, it is necessary that these applications are available where you are.

Turn off the video playing feature in the background or make it to your liking
To play videos in the background on YouTube's mobile application, you must sign in to an account with a YouTube Premium membership. Videos will always play in the background by default.

To change or turn off the feature of playing video in the background:
1. Go to Settings Settings.
2. Go to "Background and download", select Walk-in background.

3. Choose your option from these:
       *Always on: On selecting this, the video will always play in the background (default setting).
        *Off: The video will never play in the background upon selecting it.
        *Headphones or separately paired speakers: Selecting this will play videos in the background only when your device is connected to headphones, speakers, or any other audio device.

What is YouTube Premium Cost?
what is youtube premium cost

·         YouTube Premium: YouTube Premium plan is 11.9 $. In this you get ad-free music, list in the background, download, ad-free videos, play in background, all YouTube original Features.

·         YouTube Premium Music: The plan for YouTube Premium Music is 9.9 $, in which you get ad-free music, Liston in the background and download features.


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