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Thursday, January 2, 2020

What is NFC? NFC Full Form and How to Use NFC?

Hello friends, welcome to Technology News Arvaj, today we are going to tell you about What is NFC, in which you will get to learn about How to use NFC.

If you use a smartphone, then you must have heard about NFC, if you do not know about it then there is nothing and if you want to know about what is NFC then our today's post What Is NFC In You can know about which.

NFC is a wireless service. You must have used Wifi in your phone, it works like Wifi as well, in order to connect Bluetooth in our phone, we have to pair both devices, in which we sometimes It takes a long time and still, we are not able to connect Bluetooth on our phone.

NFC is very good with Bluetooth. NFC works only when your phone has NFC and if you want to connect NFC to another device then it should have NFC in the front mobile if you know more about it. If you want to get it, then you must read our post from beginning to end. So let's go ahead guys and know about it.

What is NFC

This is wireless communication technology in which you can transfer data between two devices from a distance of 4-5 centimeters, With the help of NFC, you can send data faster than just touching. The NFC connects only after touching the device and after completion of the job, it turns off automatically.

What is NFC

It can transfer data at a speed of 106-424 KBPS compared to Bluetooth. In NFC, you can do a lot of things like transferring data, transferring money, paying bills after shopping, and more. You can also consume battery when it communicates.

NFC Full Form

Near Field Communication

How to Use NFC

In order to communicate with NFC, it is very important to have an NFC antenna in your device. This is a chip designed antenna that is mounted on the back cover or top of your mobile.

It supports NFC data only up to 4-5 centimeters range, you can use NFC differently, so let's now tell you about how to use NFC in our smartphone.

NFC Data transfer

NFC Data Transfer

With the help of NFC, you can easily transfer and receive data from one mobile to another, in which you can send any photo, video, document and much more to another mobile if you send data from your mobile to another mobile. If not coming then you can follow our steps given below.

  • To transfer data from NFC, first, go to Device Setting More.
  • In NFC's More Option, you have to turn on NFC.
  • Now select the data or file you want to send.
  • After selecting the data, you have to touch both devices with each other. There is no need to pair both mobiles in NFC, in which you have to bring your mobile pass so that both mobiles will be connected Automatically.
  • Just by doing this, your data will be shared.

NFC Payment

NFC Payments

In NFC, you can make payment easily with the help of mobile, in NFC you can make payment with the help of Debit / Credit Card. This is a very good feature of NFC, in which you do not need to carry a Debit / Credit card together.

Like- when we make a payment from the swipe machine, then we have to swipe our card in that machine, but in NFC, after saving the Debit card Detail in the mobile NFC, you can make payment by touching the swipe machine.



This is the store tag of NFC in which you can save your data, it is like a chip in which you can save your password, document and your personal data as well, in which you cannot save too big data. You can save only small files and data.

NFC Business Card

NFC Business Card is still being used a lot, there is a chip in it, if a person touches the mobile NFC by taking it to that card, then all the information available on that card which is about a business will be given to you. The display goes on on the phone, in which you can also enter information about social media links, websites, and images of your business.


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